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I have a girlfriend (I'm 15) and I've never mistreated her and I don't really love (physically attracted to her) but she seems to be in love with me or something (she even discussed getting married with me, I think she was serious) but the thing is, I'm not in love with her. And another thing is that before getting in a relationship I always sorta imagined mistreating girls who love me (calling them stupid, hitting them) but I think the reason why is because later I would get to comfort her while she is crying and saying I'm sorry (comforting her) and I also daydream about vulnerable girls who are in love with me but I'd mistreat her. I have enough sense not to do this to my girl, I just want to know if it is normal having these desires in a girl and wanting to mistreat her and comforting her afterward.


I would say it's probably normal for men who view pornography. Do you? If so, I suggest you stop. Studies have shown that some men who view pornography begin to have decreased views of women.

If you feel the need, talk to a counselor at your school. I assume you attend high school, so there should be a counselor on campus.