Yes, sorry, another one of those "shin pain" threads!

I am currently seeing a Dr. and receiving physical therapy massages for posterior tibial shin splints (pain is on the inside of the shins, about 3 inches up from the ankles on both legs). The pain is only "painful" when pressed on. It does not hurt to run at all, but during the run the entire time I feel a sort of pressure in that area on the shin, a dull kind of throb I guess you could say, every time the foot makes contact with the treadmill. After running, there is no pain. Really the only time I feel true pain is during my pt sessions when they are massaging the shin splints. Today it was so bad I almost came off the massage table.

Now that's been occurring for about 2 weeks. My runs are between 3 and 5 miles, on a treadmill and fairly slow. This dull pain has now begun a new symptom in my left leg. Hopping or running I feel a slightly sharper, metallic pain at the back of my leg, and very deep. It's not excruciating, just pretty annoying. And it feels fairly vertical to the initial dull pain right above the ankle on the left shin.

I am worried that I have both MTSS in both legs and the beginning of a stress fracture on the left leg. Does this sound like the case? Also, how to approach my Dr. about this? I've read online that deep tissue massage right at the shin is not a good idea for treating shin splints. Seeing how really painful my last 2 sessions were I am wondering if this is true?