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So i have been up above my normal elevation for several weeks. (a little short of 3) and while up there I experienced pains in my shins after running around and playing games like Capture The Flag and Ultimate Frisbee.

I have been back for about 1 day and a half. Haven't been running around or anything, so i have no idea if its still affecting me.

So anyways; to the things that are happening

I run around and feel no pain while Im running. But as soon as i stop running; my shins start hurting to the point of me needing to sit down and want to cut them off. It would feel better than this pain. If i start running around during these pains the pain goes away till i stop running.


You probably have shin splints. These are caused by an overused muscle that inflames connective tissue. Therefore, the tendons in your shins are inflamed. Inflamed tendons often cause a great deal of pain.

Massage is a way to help with shin splints. If you notify the massage therapist that you have possible shin splints, they'll massage the area and relieve a lot of inflammation.

If you find that massage is too expensive, go to a massage college in your area. They're generally a lot cheaper and the quality of massage isn't usually lower. It's a great deal for a great massage.