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Has anyone ever refused insulin for gestational diabetes?  My doctor is mad because I will not take the insulin.  I told him I don't want shots or anything for the diabetes.  I left the office in tears because he was arguing with me and wasn't listening to me.  Has anybody been able to get out of doing insulin shots?


Have you been on oral medication to treat your gestational diabetes?  He should at least be willing to try that if it hasn't been done yet.  If you have been on the oral medication and it hasn't helped lower your blood sugar, you should go ahead and try the insulin shots.  It is not only healthy for you to get your blood sugar at a manageable level, it is healthier for your baby.  Your baby can have complications when your blood contains high levels of glucose.  The baby may grow much bigger than normal and will have more difficulty getting through the birth canal.  It may result in your getting a C-section to remove the baby.  Also your baby can develop hypoglycemia after birth so than it will need an infusion of glucose to get its blood sugar up again.  As you can see, it benefits you and the baby to have you take the insulin to prevent anything bad happening to the baby.  I don't know how many weeks you have until the birth of your baby but it won't be very long.  Insulin will not harm your baby since your body makes it naturally.  At this time, however, it is not making enough to counter with the glucose in your blood. 

Has there been other women who have gone through gestational diabetes during their pregnancy and had to take insulin?  Is there any problems that arose during that time?  Did you end up with a C-section?