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My father 64 years old was advised cardiac bypass surgery .
I was told that he had two blocks in main arteries and needs to be performed bypass.
But since my father is already on wheel chair and can't walk because of disc prolapse for last 5 years.

So the doctor was telling that , post bypass the patients needs to go for walking and all as part of rehab process.
So he is taking time to decide whether to go for bypass?

Are wheel chair patients not fit for bypass?
My father is diabetic and had a disc prolapse surgery 10 years back.

Is there any alternative to bypass surgery



Hi Binupri,

Usually, by the time bypass surgery is advised, there are no alternatives.  Medications may help some.  After that point, the blockages in the arteries become severe enough that a bypass is the only option.

The walking is helpful to several reasons.  Not only is it a low impact form of exercise but by moving his legs and arms, it helps prevent the formation of blood clots.  He'd likely be on a blood thinner after surgery as well.

Talk to the doctor and surgeon about your concerns.  Ask what alternatives there are to walking, as well as if there are any other options for the bypass.

Hope it helps.


Thanks for your reply.