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So my girlfriend is about 2 weeks late on her period.. and we had foreplay one night and my penis produced precum.. I wiped it off my penis and wiped my hands dry on my bed sheets.. then I proceeded to finger her like 5 minutes after.. this all happened about 2 weeks after her most recent period.. so a week later.. we did that.. she got drunk at a party.. and now we are facing with pregnancy symptoms such as frequent urination, one time sickness in the morning, and stomach cramps.. I personally haven't masturbated in a while before our foreplay and I smoke and drink alcohol on a regular basis.. she is stressed out because of school and our dating situation.. so help out please?


There is little to no chance of mobile sperm being in pre-cum. Its been disproven. If there were any, the sperm would have died off when you wiped them off. She should be fine