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Good day, is Perricone diet ultimate weight loss solution or not? I know a lot of things about this diet, but I don't like it. I don't have any particular reason for this. But if I decide to try it once, will I see some results soon? Is it a solution? Please, recommend some menu for me, that is based on dr Perricone book. I know that his 3 day diet is effective, but maybe I would like to try the other one :) Do you have any experience? Share it with me. I want to know is this diet right for me :) Have a nice day 


Hi darling,

yes, it is :) Perricone diet is ultimate weight loss solution, if you stick to it untill the end :) I would like to recommend you to stick to it after first 28 days. You can't make a mistake, because it is easy. You can't say it is boring as well, because you have so many meals on the manu. You just need to be creative.

His diet is a great solution to lose wight, trust me. It is not for everyone, but I think it is going to be just fine for you as well.

You should try it :)




thank you. I know that I am a little bit lazy with my decisions, especially those that imply his diets :) but that is only me. I don't know different way.

I am glad for these positive experience, because they gave me strength to be just one more step closer to this diet.

About his menu, can I find it on the internet?

I am glad that Perricone diet is ultimate weight loss solution. That means that this diet is really that great.

I would like to hear more opinions? Can you help me? Tell me more.

Talk to you latter.