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Good day everyone,

I want to know as much as I can about body victory diet menu plan by Marilu Henner. Do you have one to share with me?

I currently stopped one diet that I followed for four months. I don't like it, and I did not lose my weight. I did some, but not as much as I expected.

I found this body victory diet on the internet and I am wondering do you have some menu plan?

Anyone in here currently following this program?

Any answer would be a great help for me.

Have a nice day!


Hi Lenny,

you can find some similar posts like this one, about victory diet plan by M. Henner. So, I think you can find a lot of great things and advice there.

Basically, you need to eat always organic food, and trust me, you are going to feel great. This victory diet seems easy, but it is hard, because you need to follow this plan totally! If you want, you can buy this video Body victory, because it is great, and you can find there a lot of interesting things. I have one, but I don’t follow this diet currently.

Good luck!



What's up?

This lady is amazing. For years now she follows her diet plan and she is very healthy. She was not sick for years now. So, I really think that this diet is something that you should try, if you still haven't decided which one is good for you. She is healthy, everyone around her is healthy. Body victory diet manu plan is pretty easy to follow after a while, I must say to you that is hard at the beginning. But, let's be realistic, every diet is hard at the beginning. You need to try to make it work :) !




thank you guys for your advice. I found a similar topics on this forum, and I have found a lot of interesting facts about this body victory diet menu plan. I am not that disciplined :), that is the main problem. But, someday I need to start a diet to lose my weight. I do exercise, I am in guy almost every day, but it seems that I don't see results. Maybe that is just me :)

I will think about body victory diet menu plan, I will try to find some other interesting facts about it and I will try it.

I hope it will work :)

Wish me luck!