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Hello people,

so, I was reading a lot about this dr Perricone diet. I found a lot of interesting things, a lot of interesting facts, some new things about a diet that I didn't know at all :)

But, I also have found some confusing things :) For me :)

What means that Dr Perricone diet is an anti – inflammatory diet? Eating ani – inflammatory foods actually can help us in what? Are there some healthy benefits that I should know about?

I know some rules how to follow this diet, but I am willing to learn more :)

Thank you! 


Hi Willma,

If you ask me, this doctor is just great. Eat anti – inflammatory diet helps you normalize insulin levels and sugar in your blood. This diet plan is easy, and the cornerstone of this program is to promote healthy weight lose. Also, during this anti – inflammatory diet your skin will be absolutely beautiful and radiant.

This is a unique voice to the treatment of your skin, and your  mind and body!

So, basically, you really need to focus on the regulation of blood sugar levels in your body. And trust me, this is something that Dr Perricone anti – inflammatory diet really can help you!




this anti – inflammatory diet is actually a cure for your acne and wrinkles ;). It is easy, but very helpful. I tried it once, and while I was on Dr Perricone diet I had beautiful skin for just two weeks. It is incredible how my face was clean and skin soft. Basically, that means that you can have amazing skin and be healthy thanks to this anti – inflammatory diet.

Maybe now this seems strange to you, but Dr Perricone is dermatologist and he knows all about food and skin at the same time :)

Try it and you will see what I am talking about!