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I'v smoked pot on and off for about 40 yrs, I'v never had a pot withdrawal that I can ever remember or known anyone who has. but I do have hard times sleeping, eating etc. normally..   other than the occasional paranoia from "smoking too much" it has helped my appetite, stress levels etc.  My cognitive skills are still the same as they've always been when I don't smoke.   

I have a bunch of problems the pot helps to mask.  If you want a clear mind, Then Don't Smoke it! or quit! other than that I smell a lot of possible psychological or physical problems that have been suddenly re'realized/realized by people quitting? how can you have a withdrawal from a non-addictive substance?  

A fairly recent new phenomena:  pot withdrawals 


Marijuana is by far the most illicit drug used all around the world. Tell me how this drug is non-addictive?

Maybe it´s the most addictive and people just prefer to believe it´s not...

About withdrawals depends: how much you smoke, the quality and how long. The quality makes big difference: if you smoke something with more than 10 % of THC you will have withdrawals when stopping from everyday use. And the peak of symptoms is between 3 and 5 weeks. Not 3 days like other drugs with little half-life.