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Hello! My sister has been recently diagnosed nasal polyps. Her doctor prescribes nasal spray and some oral corticosteroids which she used for ten days. When she went to see her doctor again he discovered that polyps weren’t getting smaller as he expected. He recommended a surgery since there are few rather big polyps that prevent normal air flow through her nostril. Is surgery of nasal polyps complicated?


Hello! There are two kind of nasal polyp’s surgery. It depends on the size, position and number of nasal polyps. Polypectomy is the simpler option and it is performed on an outpatient basis. Endoscopic surgery is more extensive and it is performed if the polyps are placed in the sinuses. Every surgery carries some risk. In this case damage of the wall between the nostrils is possible which results in bleeding from the nose or a black eye. There is also a risk of the surgeon’s instrument entering surrounding areas – eye or interior of the scull which may cause leakage of the fluid from around the brain. These complications are rare. Also, nasal polyps may return a number of years after surgery.