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I was wondering what the approximate cost of surgery would be to remove nasal polyps.


The price may differ from one clinic to another. Have you already found a clinic where you would do it. You should check the prices there. I found a price list from The London Laser Clinic in Central London.

You are about to pay assessment appointment, which costs 200 pounds with flexible endoscopy. If you do it under general anesthesia, then you need to pay 2.200 pounds but if you decide to do it with the local, then it is 800 pounds/nostril

The thing with polyps is that it is highly likely they will return, or that new ones will grow but if you don’t have them removed, they will continue to grow.

Nasal sprays and tablets are practically useless as they may shrink a polyp a little but they continue to grow once the medicines are stopped. After the surgery, you may have to continue to take medications to prevent them from reoccurring.