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How is going?

OK, it would be really easy for me if I had some list of food for body victory diet. I mainly know some tips about this diet, but I don't know what groceries and ingredients I can eat.

I can't believe that I can't eat meat :/ because I really love it.

So, if you own any list of groceries, let me know.

What fruits and vegetables should  I avoid?

I can't find anything on the internet. How is that possible?  

Maybe can I find it in her books?

I am grateful for every advice.

Have a nice day! 


Hi darling,

I could not find any certain food list for body victory diet. Maybe there is something about it in her books, but I don't have it :)

Basically, you need to eat almost every vegetable, fruit and nuts. You should avoid meat, especially red meat.

Cut out all sugars, especially white sugar. You should avoid it anyway, not just in the case if you are following this diet.

You should drink a lot of water, and you can drink a cup of green tea in the evening, after dinner.

Of course, don't forget to eat eggs, but only the egg whites.




Hello there,

thanks a lot for your advice and your suggestions. I was thinking that I can find certain and clear food list for body victory diet, but obviously, I need to buy her book to be sure.

I think that my friend has list that she made when she was following this diet. If she has the list, I will let you know what you can eat and avoid. I hope that is OK.

Now I don't have it, and I will try to follow this list that you gave to me. Thank you again.

Keep in touch! Let me know more about this!



I've been following this plan since 1999. I can help you. (Body Victory is the name of a product that is based on Marilu's plan, The Total Health Makeover. Body Victory was a kit that included an exercise DVD, shopping lists, etc.)

A good place to start would be to eliminate red meat, dairy products and refined sugar. Fill your plate with fresh whole foods and limit processed foods, especially anything with additives and preservatives. As Marilu says "If you can't recognize and ingredient, if it sounds like a science project or the ingredient list says 'continued on next package' you shouldn't eat it." ;)

Break a sweat for 10 minutes a day.

Begin your day with fruit. If you can get through the entire morning just eating fruit that's great. If you need something with more staying power then wait a bit and then have a bowl of oatmeal or peanut butter toast, or an egg. I've heard Marilu say that she will have juice and nuts in the morning. This is a great place to Just try not to have protein and carbs together. Protein needs acid in order to digest and carbs need alkaline so if you eat them together your stomach will produce both and they will neutralize one another. It's better for your digestion if you try not to have them together. You'll be amazed at how much more energy you'll have on this plan.


Focus on choosing whole foods such as fresh fruits, whole grains, fresh vegetables and lean meats. These super foods can give your body vitamins and minerals, while giving your body enough energy and stamina. Also, avoid eating foods that contain high level of preservatives and sugars as this can make it difficult for you to lose weight.