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Hi people,

I am thinking to start Anti – estrogenic diet program. So far, everything what I found about this diet program is amazing. It has great guides and comments, and I believe that I won’t make a mistake. So, I found some menu, and it is ok for the beginning, but I am a little bit insecure again, about this.

I don’t know what foods should I avoid?

Do you know to help me?

What foods are forbidden if you follow Anti – estrogenic diet program? Any recommendation for me?

Please, let me know. It is really important, because I want to start this diet as soon as possible.



Good day there,

Good choice, I have to say! It is a really nice thing to know that you finally made your decision about some diet program :). I am really happy and I am with you! As a support.

So, about your question, there are no too much food that you need to avoid. It is simple – you  need to avoid everything that is unhealthy and everything that can make you even bigger – if you know what I mean.

Avoid sugar, avoid fast and fat food, drink water, and avoid juices. And, basically that is it.

If you need anything else, feel free to ask me :)



Good day all,

Yes, it is very classic :) Those are foods that you need to avoid in every diet program, and that is something that we already do know! Now, you know what is this diet program about? I believe that you do :) I really hope so :)

Eating these anti – estrogenic foods should lower the level of estrogen in your body. So, it is pretty much more clear what do you need to avoid :)

Good luck with this, because this diet program is not that expensive :)

I hope that my advice was helpful for you.

If you guys do know anything else, please let us know :)



Hello girls,

CatherineB, of course that your advice is helpful. Yesterday, I found some flyers in my basement while I was cleaning it, and I found some very interesting brochures and flyers and I found something about this Anti – estrogenic diet program. I think that I was planning to follow it before :) LOL

So, I am going to keep this “garbage” and I am going to read about this diet program a little bit.

Thank you for your help, I will see is this diet program the right one for me :) I hope so, I will inform you.

Tnx a lot!