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When I'm writing --it has happened quite frequently today-- my hand gets numb and it tingles. I can't feel or flex my fingers and I have to shake my hand. It is in my RIGHT hand. THe numbness sometimes goes up to my forearm and stops when it gets to my elbow. My fingers are a little numb right now as I'm typying this. My left hand is fine. I wanted to know if I have a medical problem or this just happens sometimes.
Thanks! ;-)


It may be Carpel Tunnel Syndrom due to repetitive movements.... it causes swelling/pinching of the area around nerves/tendons etc.

You may also have a pinched nerve somewhere else that causes this pain.

You could try some simple wrist, arm and shoulder exercises to loosen and stretch your right side... this may help. I would also try some neck stretching to possibly relieve some tension.