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Hello there, answer people.
I would like to know if I potentially have an allergy to chocolate/chocolate ingredients.

Here are my symptoms after eating chocolate:
*1. Tingling/Numbness around lips (after about 5 minutes of finishing chocolate product)
*2. Runny Nose (after maybe an hour once I've noticed... I read on another website that runny nose is also a symptom?)
*3. Tingling/Pain in the back of my mouth/throat (Usually right after I eat a little bit of chocolate)

Number 1 happened today after eating a chocolate icecream scoop from Baskin Robbins.
Number 2 also happened after eating the chocolate icecream scoop.
Number 3 happens when eating some Cadbury Milkchocolate, and maltesers.

Some chocolate doesn't result in any symptoms.

Can anyone help and or explain my symptoms? And do I even have an allergy at all?

Thanks so much for all that answer!!


Hello there,

You will have to see your doctor as soon as possible. Because I love chocolate so much I hope that you are not allergic to the most wonderful thing ever made by humans.

When you consult your doctor he will most likely refer you to the allergist. Allergist will perform certain tests and you will know for sure in no time if you are allergic to the chocolate. This test is done on the blood samples and you will have to wait few days to get results.

Anyhow, meanwhile avoid chocolate and other products containing chocolate. I hope this was helpful and that you just caught a cold and that you are not allergic to the chocolate.