Almost a month ago I realized I had a ringworm so I bought anti-fungal cream. So when I was taking a shower I realized that I had an irregular solid gray in color patch of dry skin under my arm not the armpit more like under the bicep area so I have been applying the anti-fungal cream on it thinking it was also ringworm.The cream seemed to take the dryness away and a week or two of putting the cream on it started looking like c shaped in healing skin but wasn't really taking the patch away it was more like it was hydrating it, now its still the same shape but more light brown in color about a week or two ago I realized that there were 2 or 3 pimple shaped bumps in the same area they felt more like they were under the skin than above it one was/is on the border of the patch

The reason that I think its not ringworm is because I remembered that I have had this patch for many months maybe even more than a year but I had just forgotten about it,  it never had a ring, I don't remember it ever being red or swollen or painful I can remember maybe it itching a couple times in the past 6 months and its always just an itch it's not persistent or anything like that. I guess I just wanted to know if what I had could be Erythema annulare centrifugum?

I wish I would have taken a picture a month ago but here's a picture of how it looks today the blotchy brown skin is what was basically the solid gray patch its longer than it is wide.

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