-19 year old strait male.

I've had these "rash-like" circles(3)on my chest, and neck for about 2 or so years, and recently, the neck ones have dissapeared, and the chest ones are becoming more prominent in color and size.

No itching, no pain, no other associated symptoms.

They feel very smooth, and are dark pink/light red in color



I'm pretty sure it's ringworm, and I'm going to buy an anti-fungal cream here, in a few mintues.

I never knew what it was..
I was always scared it was skin cancer, or HIV or something drastic like that, but I knew at the back of my mind, it wasn't.

The ironic thing is...my father has the IDENTICALLY same blemishes on his neck in the SAME spot I had mine, on my neck, but mine went away. Possibly a delayed appearance of a birthmark? Hereditary?

any opinions, or same experiences would be greatly appreciated. thanks guys.