Ok I am going to give a back ground story.... I have been seperated from my child's father for 6 months. We pretty much never used protection... Before we split up we both went to the health clinic and got tested for everything except herpes and syphllis. She said she would not test us because we had NO sypthoms, even though I asked her to. Any way, three months ago, I had unprotected sex with a coworker/friend. Then earlier this month I had sex with another long time friend after a club night. Then again last thursday. We used condoms both times. Well I started feeling irriated in my vaginal region and just thought it was because of the lube on the condom (mangum estasy) Then by Monday it was burning super bad when I went to the bathroom. So I called my doc to just send script for a UTI to the pharmacy.... she did... Bactrim. So I started taking them and it has gotten a lot better as far as peeing goes. I have been doing a lot of google.... Last night I noticed the lymph nodes in my groin are swollen and tender (which can be associated with UTI), then I noticed a very small bump on the outside of my vagina. I was messing with it alot last night and today it is slightly bigger. It does not hurt but it is very itchy. I called my friend and asked if he had anything thing and told him I was freaking out because I had a bump.... he said no he doesnt and that I could inspect him if I wanted.... he works offshore so he was supposed to send pictures but hasnt yet. I am literally freaking out and praying my heart out. I would just like any opinions on if it def sounds like herpes? Would the medicine clear up the burning sensation if it was herpes? Could it be a reaction to the chemical in condoms? Could it have been dormant in my body and something triggered it now? I feel terrible if he doesn't have it! I am planning on going to the ER tonight because I could get any appointment, but I almost dont want to find out. What precautions should I take with my daughter? I am scared that I can give it to her. Does Purell kill the virus on my hands?