So about 5 months ago I saw a discoloration on my scrotom where it meets the base of the penis, now this wasn't a bump, raised skin, nothing of the sort just a little light red spot, now over time this grew to about the size of a quarter, I've tried every over the counter antifungal cream assuming that may help, and now on the otherside in the exact same spot the same thing has happened. There are zero signs of any pimples/blisters, anything of that sort or anything that puss would come out of, recently though the skin seems to be peeling off when I take a shower so I'm in a little pain down there dont know if this is just because the new skin under it is just sensetive just like if you popped a blister on your toe. Anyways there has never been any puss or anything, it is starting to itch a little it feels like I shaved there or something and the short hairs are pricking the area. Any advice would be great, I did recently goto a dermatologist, said it looks like contact dermititus or something, gave me a perscirption steroid cream doesn't seem to be helping but only been on it for three says, I go back next week she said if not better they will take a tissue sample, just need some peace of mind been dealing with this for like 5 months and that's 5 months with no sex its getting rather difficult.