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Few months ago I suffered from classic cold symptoms like. I had enlarged cervical lymph nodes, a decrease in appetite for a few weeks, headaches, fever and was extremely fatigued.
With all these symptoms I have had had a tingling sensation under my scrotum.
All these symptoms disappear in about ten days but the scrotum tingling sensation stayed the same.
I thought it was some normal viral infection but this symptom made me think. Now, I’m sure that this couldn’t be some cold and I’m a bit worried what could it be!
Could it be some sexually transmitted disease? Please help!


Well, there can be numerous reasons of your tingling scrotum.
I would consider things like prostatitis or epididymitis. Often, these conditions are accompanied with tingling sensation under scrotum.
This can be evaluated via a digital rectal exam as well as an ultrasound of the scrotum.
Of course, you immediately think of some trivial sexually transmitted bacterias such as gonorrhea and Chlamydia. You will know if this is the cause only after you visit your urologist.
But there are also one disease called genital herpes caused by one virus called herpes zoster.
It is very common but also serious condition! Herpes is totally manageable but there is no cure for it. If you have herpes virus in your blood it will stay there forever, but your goal is to prevent it to cause any infections. It will be apparent only when your body immune system is weak.
So, visiting your urologist would be probably smartest thing to do for you now. Than, you will now what next to do!



it might be a sign of herpes , you won't know until you get it checked out by a doctor.
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