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Hey... Just came back from holdiday..
Had this itchy symptom during my holiday. However the itch wasn't so frequent.
After coming back from holiday, I started to experience the itch again. It was terrible. It occurred one particular night, i had to wash my vaginal area three...four times. It got better the day after that. The itch somehow went away but came back once in awhile.
I also experienced the bad itch during my period. It was bad especially with the sanitary pad around.

Now it has been three weeks after my holiday trip...and after those terrible itchy scratchy. I did not experience any itch. Though once in awhile it gave a little itchy feeling but i could still endure the itch, nothing serious itch. However i noticed, slight change on my vagina, noticed slight rash-like( i really don't know how to describe). It looked almost the same color on my vagina, not protruding, maybe a slight level on the area.
Again, it was not itchy, no pain when urinating no odor discharge.

I am so worried, don't know what was that exactly. Am i having some problem? or is it just due to the indescribable itching scratch...
Btw i am not sexually active.
Please help.


Umm juss wonderin...
Are the rash-like things u have on ur vagina on the outside of it or the inside of the lips? Do they itch and when u scratch it burns? Or hurts in a certain way? If so, I kno exactly what u can put on it so it can get better and go away because I've experienced such thing before and its terrible! Get at me. :-) ;-)


Omg please tell me what works.