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I was not sure which forum to post this in, so sorry if it is the wrong one. I am 15 white male.

On my inner thighs along my crotch on both sides, i have developed really dark brown skin that always has a tiny itchy feeling and seems to be flakey.

Is this just horrible bad skin, or do I have some kind of major problem / disease? please help, im really nervous. o.O

I think it may because I am over weight or from masterbating often. Is their something wrong, i am really shy and dont want to go to a doctor or tell my parents!!! :$


If you haven't had sex (Any type of sex, oral, intercourse etc) then you can't get an STD.

If this skin condition does not ease with some moisturizer in a day or so you need to go see a doctor and since you are a minor I would tell your parents.

I can't even begin to fathom what this condition is and also no one can diagnose you on the internet.