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Any suggestions welcomed.

about two weeks ago I began having intense center nipple pain.  It's like a straight pin being probed directly into the center of my right breast.  Yesterday I had a mammo and US both with neg. results.  What could be causing such pain?  What remedies OTC could I use?  What should I ask my physician?  


I have been using Motrin 800mg every 6 hours for some relief.  I also have some lidocaine 2% jelly from a previous condition that I've been applying as well.  Neither has given me total relief.  Mild at best.  The pain seems to intensify throughout the day at any given time.


I have tried to hold the nipple and pinching it a bit to put pressure on the pain but that doesn't seem to benefit me either.  I've used ice packs, heat applications and even used a toothbrush to try and get some relief.  I'm just lost here.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you


In women who are not pregnant or lactating, nipple pain may be due to skin abrasion from tight-fitting bras or other clothing, or dry skin around the nipple. More serious causes of nipple pain include infections, Paget’s disease of the breast, or certain forms of breast cancer.

If nipple pain doesn’t go away in two weeks, or if you also have nipple discharge, call your doctor.