I. Need. Help. 

Or just some support if I knew others were going through the same thing. I've been dealing with itchiness around my vagina for the past 8 months now. I've gone to my doctor more times than you could count.

This first started after one time that I had sex with my boyfriend and my labia was really swollen afterwards, then the next day became very itchy. After a few more times, this same swelling then itchy phase occured after sex so I assumed this was due to friction. Tried lube which worked wonders to stop the swelling, but then realized that I was still getting itchy after sex. Kept going to my doctor. At first, I got swabbed and sometimes it would come back as a yeast infection and sometimes it wouldn't come back as anything. So I had assumed that this was all yeast infections. Yeast infection medicine did help each time, but then after one time, it didnt. After a while, my swabs weren't coming back as yeast. They weren't saying anything. The doctors also checked to see if it was herpes but there was no sign of that at all. I used to use vagicil to temporarily soothe the itch, which works, but it's such little relief. Then I began to notice that when I shave, it also creates itchiness. Then my doctor thought this had to do with bacteria so I tried penecillin, still no success. 

Now i haven't had sex in a good month and a half, almost two months,  because i'm trying to eliminate factors. The itchiness has been constant for basically that long, on and off in severity. I feel like shaving as impact on it, because lately the itchiness is only where there is hair and where i shave. I research if shaving has anything to create long term itchiness, but it feels like a trigger.

The itchiness is in the crease between the labia, and all the surrounding area around the vagina. My vagina also feels sore sometimes, and the itching can feel hot. Sometimes it's also like a quick jab of pain and then it's gone. Sometimes it also feels like the skin is being pulled or stretched. Basically everything.  Just the normal little bumps that some girls say they have when they stretch the skin of the labia. Ugh i'm honestly so confused. No painful urination or blistery things.

I've only ever been with my one boyfriend. Had STI testing before so that's not an issue, but I can't help but freak out and think this is something worse.

I honestly can't deal with this anymore.

 I'm going to the gyno soon because this is affecting me so drastically and i'm not getting results from my family doctor. I've never been so depressed in my life, I'm normally such an upbeat girl but this is constantly irritating and such a pain.

Please tell me there is another girl out there going through the same issues I am?

And any suggestions on what this might be? I can't get into the gyno for a bit so any sense of relief would be great. This has been the longest 8 months.