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Whenever I masturbate with lube or no lube. Once im down within 5 mins my testicles/scrotum area becomes very itchy and doesnt stop for a good two hours or more.

Whats wrong...


It is strange that you are experiencing the itching only after masturbation. I wouls understand that your skin may be irritated by the lubrication you use and may therefore itch but since you said it itches even without lubrication….it is hard to tell really.
If your testicles itched all the time, I would think you have crabs or pubic lice. They are small bugs and they invade the hair. They are easily contracted by sexual contact, wearing somebody else’s cloths, sleeping in someone else’s bed. If you have crabs, it is important not to itch, since you could transmit them to other body parts. You may decide to have it checked at the urologist or dermatologist and get a prescription for either getting rid of pubic lice or the itching.
I may even think that your itching could be psychological. This may be the case if you have some unsolved issues regarding masturbation and sex in general.