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I have been bloated over 2 weeks now. Anything I eat or drink causes my abdomen to swell up. I went to the doctors about a month ago, he told me its probably acid reflux but I dont have any heartburn or abdominal pain it swells up and its so uncomfortable he prescribed me nexium hasn't helped with the bloating at all really big ive got some blood work done just waiting for the results i have and colonoscopy procedure and ultrasound in a month which is a long way just wondering what this could be?



to be honest with you, I don't think your problem is caused by acid reflux - I have it for several years now and not even once did it cause symptoms like yours - bloating after every meal or drink. Either way, if that was the cause, Nexium should have been effective in preventing any acid reflux symptoms.

The problem you're experiencing sounds more like it's tied to your intestine, and colonoscopy will reveal if any of the problems are located in your large intestine. In the meantime, try eating small, soft or almost liquid meals - this should at least somewhat help with the bloating,

Wish you all the best,