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For about a month now I get excessive noise and gurgling just under my right rib cage.  It lasts about 5 min. at a time.  It can happen just after I eat, when I haven't eaten, anytime really.  I also feel a little weak, get dull head aches & heart burn on occasion.

 My appetite is still very good, my wieght hasn't changed and my bowel movements appear normal.  They have however become more frequent and not as big of an amount.  Any ideas?  Thank you!



this excessive noise and gurgling might be just the first signs of you developing chronic acid reflux or heartburn problems, but they also might be the sign that your stomach is infected with Helicobacter pylori. This bacteria usually causes symptoms like heartburn and heavy sensations in your stomach, so you might want to see a doctor and get a simple test to see if this bacteria is what's causing your problems. If it is, it's completely treatable with an antibiotics course,

Wish you all the best,