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My first cycle failed and it was heart breaking. So I was wondering if there was anything I could do to better my chances for success the second time around.

I currently am taking Plaquenil for a connective tissue disease. I also am taking Zoloft, Singular and Albuteral Inhaler. I was wondering if any of these meds could be causing difficulties in a sucessful IVF cycle and the increase FSH levels. Oh and I also have been chewing nicotine gum and drink diat coke. I will stop taking or doing what ever is necessary to better my chances. Also I was reseaching high FSH levels and read something about taking HCT to help lower it. What is HCT and would it help?


Hi im summer my last menstruation was November 23 and only i sex 1 tym only and its withdraw december 21 im expecting my period will be on december 24 but until now january 3 my period was not come yet