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I went for my 1st IVF attempt. They transferred 3 Embryos. 2 of very good quality and one of moderate quality. ET was on 2nd day. But the attempt failed.

I have hypothyroid, LA +ve, PCOS and i am on medicine for 2 yrs.

Can any one say what would be the success rate , if i go for my 2nd attempt.


Hello, girls! My friend 39. she has a daughter of 19 years of her first marriage. She has the first short protocol (IVF), the 24th was the injection of one embryo. On the 14th day, donate blood. Imagine it 2 weeks in the expectation of the result. Only 4 days have passed, and it is already hard for her, although she tries to constantly occupy herself with something. She leads a normal life, except for physical exertion, of course. The endometrium was 9.5, there were 9 follicles, and only 2 were found. They put him on the monitor and showed 2 points on the monitor and said that this was it! Previously, she and her husband were unable to conceive for 4 years. They Went a long way, lost time and money. She Decided herself and she was diagnosed with external endometriosis, obstruction of one tube (spike). The doctor said that she could "fix" her, but reminded her of her age, and that nature can not be fooled. The body slowly prepares for menopause (((., So she decided not to waste time going to IVF.) Preparation, delivery of a heap of tests, injections, walking by doctors can not be compared with the expectation of results! After the result, she will tell a full story.