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Ok for about three months now almost four, i have been getting these pimples in the pubic hair area on my thighs knees and on my butt.
they are red at the base and commonly have white heads, i,ve studied deeply into STD symptoms and there appearances,
herpes-blister like sores begin to emerge, pop, then turn to sores and go away. (usually were you get one a cluster will form, usually will first break out on the penis and around the anus)
i made the statement on herpes to bring a better mentioning that it is NOTHING like it,
they never appear anywere that lacks full size follicles (never on penis never on testicles never on inner crack)
and they KEEP comming back there never truly go away in fact, its like as soon as the old ones heal more come
there not in clusters, usually ill get like 1-2 on back on knees 6-12 on thighs and 3 times now ive gotten about 1-5 in the pubic hair area
its starting to bother the life out of me, and is very embarrassing, (note it doesn't seem to be contagious considering me and my new girl have been together multiple times now and nothing has shown on her, nor did my ex have any issues like this)

i showed a Dr at the (free) health clinic what a few looked like and all she could say is that its not an STD (what she specializes in)
and that it appears to be folliculitis, however she doesn't have much info on folliculitis nor knows how to treat.
any info would be amazing....

im 20 years old and im a male.


Dude i have the exact same problem and im 17 years old and only ever had sexual intercourse once its really starting to bother me too! i havnt gone to a doctor.