I had total right hip replacement March 31, 2015.. From the time I work up and began to move. I felt like there was something in my leg/groin. I complained to every nurse that I saw. I feel like there is something in there like a ball. They said that's a normal feeling. On the day of getting discharged. I went to restroom and my right knee popped, extremely loud and painful. Nurse ran in. Then one week after surgery my right leg began to swell. Two weeks after surgery I began therapy. My right knee was in such pain. We had to concentrate on that due to the Mmount if swelling in my leg. My surgeon had me take pictures of my legs and send to him. He says that's normal. Therapy two to three times weekly. No improvement. I going into 5 months since surgery. I feel like I'm taking 1 step forward and for backward. I ask questions I get no answers. I have requested to get a second option. Due to a specialist telling me that there is permanent nerve damage. Irreversible. I will be like I am for life. I have not had the second option. I am extremely frustrated by not getting answers. Nor by lack of information.I must have thousands of pins & needles poking me, leg numb, no feeling at 90% of incision, Swollen leg, feet , legs & feet hurt. Feels like something is biting to of foot.  Help please.