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the other day i developed a knot in a muscle somewhere between my adam's apple and my jaw seemingly out of nowhere. over the following couple days it has gotten more tense and sore. i've tried to massage it out but it's not working.... anyone ever experience anything like this?



How do you mean a knot? Do you mean that you have a cramp in your throat muscle? My friend once had a cramp underneath his jaw I he said that it was very painful, but he managed to relax it with some ice and massage. How long have you been experiencing this? There are some topical creams that can help you relax muscles but also you can find some over the counter muscle relaxant medication. Are you able to eat normally and drink? Is there a chance that you have something stuck in there, for instance a part of food or something? You should watch what you eat in next few days and try not to tens your neck.