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As many of you know I broke up with my gf in March, but now there is this other girl I like, she is hot and nice and really want to ask her out and get her number. But, I really have a lack of confidence with girls and I find it really hard to talk to them, like I talk to her online a bit but I always seem to bore her, and I never know what to talk about. How do I know whether I'm boring her or not? And also, how do I know she actually likes me s well? Sorry I sound pathetic but my confidence has been eroded away over the past few years. It sucks :-(

PLease reply :-)




i am a girl, so i caan help you. If you really like her, she should bring confidence to you. When your talking to her find something she likes and talk about it, become friends with her friends. If her friends like hanging out with you, she will start to like you. When you start to think that she likes you, ask her. And when you see her, dont tell her is cute, or hot, tell her looks really pretty or beautiful. Girls love that. Try your slef around her, dont act like someone else. This should help.