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okaie so i could really do with some help right now ? see there is this guy his name is Justin he is really cute i have the biggiestt crush on him i talk to him on facebook neally every night its the last week of scool and he hasnt been at scool ? and i havent had time to talk to him on fb but i really like him we hug and all but i told him he likes me i cant rember what he said butthey way he talks to me is adorable he puts a love hart and xx at the end of every messege he wants me to go the pool with him and go places with him but im never aloud but i like him every one telling me that he likes me but i asked him and he said mabey with a lil cute smile i then asked his bff but he wasnt really any use :) but i want to ask him out but i just dont want to rewin our relatshion ship as friends but i wanna be more then friends the other night he said to me on the phone him and his froiends weer drunk but he didnt sound that drunk he sounded like he new what he was talking about any ways he kept saying things like go away im talking to my gagwezz girlfriend (he said that to his friend) and stuff like I LOVE YOU and all this i had a big fight with my bff ova him were not friends any more but i could really use some advice on what to do...


please please please pleaseb please can some one tell is what to do


would presgiat it  heeps ,much love tasha


ps : te flirghting has been going on for about 2 months i think


is his name justin negal? right back (if so i know him )