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So I know many people may think I'm really weak and messed up, but I really am not.

So in March, me this girl's relationship sort of fizzled out, and then she went and got a new bf, but they are no longer on speaking terms and are 'on a brea', but because me and her still talke, she said that she is gonna end it in September.

Her family and mine have just been on holiday together to Portugal and even though nothing happened between us out there, it felt like it did betweens us as it did in February and January, like we were quite close again. I felt complete and I felt happy again.

So this is my problem. I am in love with her, the only girl I want is her, she is the only girl I have ever had feelings for, even though I have been trying to move on for the past 4 months and every time I see her she takes my breath away. Such a cliché I know, but its true.

I have talked to friends about this, but most of them have either never had a gf or they are in stable relationships, so I was wondering what I should do. I don't know if she has any feelings for me or not, but I don't know if I should tell her how I feel and risk getting shot down and rejected, or just keep quiet and watch her get away? I regard her as one of my best friends, but she is so much more to me than just that, and the last thing I want to do, if she doesn't feel tehe same way, is affect our friendship for good, because we see each other quite a lot.

Any help pleasE? :/



I would talk to her about your friendship and ask if she would like to be more than friends or just stick as friends. Dont let her get away, If you lover her let her know you do. If she only wants to be friends respect that and dont force her into anything.


Thanks for the reply. I'm presuming if shes one of my friends, if she's reasonable she won't go all weird and not talk to me?