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Hi, I'm a 21 year old male.

I thoroughly enjoy foreplay and masturbation with my female partner, however I do not always enjoy intercourse.

One problem is pain during ejaculation. I never have any pain while masturbating or oral sex; it only occurs during intercourse. In these cases I do not enjoy the ejaculation at all.

Also, sometimes my penis becomes sore after prolonged intercourse. I think the ejaculation hurts less, or not at all, during shorter sessions of intercourse.

In general I do not find intercourse nearly as pleasurable as mutual masturbation or oral sex.

Could this be due to a lack of lubrication, or sexual positions being too rough?

I've searched on google but I have not found anything helpful. The suggestions of infection or more serious conditions do not seem to fit, as the pain only occurs during intercourse.

Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks for the help!


Does your masturbation technique simulate vaginal sex well?

Obviously you have considered this, but for my knowledge, do you have a foreskin?

Yes, lubrication may be an issue (especially if you are without a foreskin).

If you are worried about not enjoying official sex....


I prefer oral myself. Don't even think about beating yourself up about that (not saying you were).

Are you with the one female? It could have much to do with her (tight + lack of natural lubrication + no rolling effect of foreskin),

As for positions, only you will know what suits you the best.

I am well on my way to mastering both XD

PS. I may have supporter under my username, but I assure you that I am being sincere when I say that I look upon intercourse as a chore. As long as you both satisfy your bodies and minds, it’s all good.


BTW, if you are cut, sometimes they can perform the op in extreme fashion. This would mean that intercourse would hurt even with proper lubrication.

However, "foreskin restoration" is possible, and you can read up on that. You may not want a full covering, but you can ease your problem if this is the case.

If it was, it would be a relatively easy problem to fix.


Thanks for your quick reply! :-)

Firstly, no I have not been circumcised, so that rules some things out.

Also, I don't think my masturbation technique simulates vaginal sex at all. There are a few sexual positions which do feel good, and I guess simulate my masturbation technique (kinda backwards to what you were saying)... but I guess I tend to try and avoid those because I find them quite stimulating and I want to prolong the experience for my partner (and avoid ejaculating too early).

So perhaps the soreness comes from a lack of natural lubrication (I have noticed that even if she is quite wet to begin with, she will seem more dry the longer we go)... and perhaps the lack of enjoyment is self imposed :-(

Still not sure about the painful ejaculation, unless it is directly connected to the other soreness...

Thanks again for the help! (It's a relief to have somewhere to ask these sorts of questions!)


No problem.

I've been up watching a round by round being posted on a boxing forum, LOL. It is 06:05 over here.

Self imposed? I remember being on paroxetine and the delayed orgasm that comes with it. I could not orgasm, period. My partner attempted to blame herself, until I explained it to her. It took some explaining because I do not even orgasm through intercourse without a little help from my own hand when off meds. Doesn't bother me to be honest. Unless your girl is very good at intentionally manipulating her subconscious to do this, I would dismiss the idea of it being self imposed.

I had a tight foreskin when I started to have sex at 16. Only a tiny opening existed, and despite the ignorant urologist telling me that I would be better off getting cut, I stretched it with no problems. Skin stretches.

When you orgasm, is your foreskin of the easily retractable nature thus sliding back to the max at this point? If so, perhaps this puts too much pressure on the frenulum. Op's specifically for that exist, although I have no doubt some UK Docs would consider this sorcery 8-|

Hopefully a good urologist would be able to help you out here.

Just out of curiosity, how would you describe the pain?