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I have been living overseas for the past few years and never drank anything other then water and ate very healthy. I never had problems before drinking fruit juices, beer, or cola but now the only thing I can drink is Diet Coke or Water. I get a moderate pain in the middle left of my stomach and it lasts for about twenty minutes and then goes away. I have no idea what this could be? I can only guess that it has something to do with the differences in sugar types?

Anyone have any ideas?

100% Fruit Juice - Pain for about 10 minutes
Cola - Pain for about 20 minutes.
Beer - Profuse sweating, extreme pain for about 30 minutes.

Diet Coke - Nothing.

Drinking water seems to help stop the pain, so weird.


I have this EXACT problem. Did you ever figure it out?


All fruit contains fructose, which is a natural sugar, but it also is very gassy which is your very complaint. Especially fruits like grapes and berries. Try eating more fibrous fruits like apples or a banana, which has potassium that is good for the heart too. You are getting this when it's late in the day and your activity level is lower too. This is when your body starts to slow down including the digestive system. The reason it will push the waste through the intestines is because of the sugar rush it causes naturally. Watch out you don't gain weight because it can happen when you don't eat fruit earlier and have time to actively burn the calories from the fructose. The fibrous fruits are also more filling so this is another reason for eating them later. Include fruit in your diet instead of regular fattening snacks like everything from sweets to things like potato chips that have allot of fat or fried foods too. Good luck and God Bless
BTW- I am also a fruit lover late in the day, and it does the same thing. Try these suggestions and see if they help. If you must have your fruit then take an OTC gas reducer before you eat it and it will help deplete the gas effects. ( beeno is one type for instance).