well i do have fruit allergies at age 14. i figure it was around 3-3 1/2 now that i discovered that i did not feel good after i ate fruit. now around 2 years ago i started getting a rash on my foot at like 3 different places then onto my right hand. it is terribly itchy and a royal pain to have on the foot. anymore it is mostly is on my hand. any fruit it dosn't matter if it is raw or cooked i don't usually feel very good by the time i am done eating fruit. but the weird thing is that i learned that if i eat some fruit and put salt on it i am fine(or almost fine usually don't feel near as sick). i started off with apples, then pears, peaches, plums, and now i think pretty much everything except for oranges and clementines. but i am fine with eating cantoloupe and pineapple as long as i put salt on it. anyway this turned out way to long. if you know anything please post i want to get over this allergy