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My husband has had a high Lactic acid dehydrogenase, he has hypertension, Gout and borderline diabetes. He is also over weight. I am worried sick because no one will tell me what this is all about,. but they tell me its bad. what can we do, please help and can it be lowered with some medication? what causes it or what could be causing it.


Many diseases can cause elevations in LDH levels. Other tests are usually needed to confirm a diagnosis.

Higher-than-normal levels may indicate:

Blood flow deficiency (ischemia)
Cerebrovascular accident (such as a stroke)
Heart attack
Hemolytic anemia
Infectious mononucleosis
Liver disease (for example, hepatitis)
Low blood pressure
Muscle injury
Muscular dystrophy
New abnormal tissue formation (usually cancer)
Tissue death

If the LDH level is raised, your doctor may order an LDH isoenzymes test.