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:-( My daughter has 3 painful swollen glands in her armpit. With hot compress the pain is relieved. What those glands mean for someone who is a crack cocaine user?


I don’t what difference it has with cocaine or if it has any but I do know that lymph nodes swell suddenly immediately after an infection or inflammation occurs. The reason they hurt is because they swell quickly in the early stages of an infection.

Those glands that swell gradually and don’t hurt could be thought of as tumors or cancers.

The most common causes of glands enlargement and pain are mononucleosis, rubella, mumps, ear infections, tonsillitis, impacted tooth, swelling of the gums, mouth sores and STD’s. Does your daughter have any other symptoms besides the swollen nodes?

How long have the glands been swollen? The pain should disappear after a few days without any treatment but the swelling may take time, up to a months after the infection was gone. Have you seen a doc already?

The most common reasons to call a doctor are: when the swelling doesn’t subside or continues to get bigger, if the glands are hard and fixed in one place, if you develop fever, night sweats and weight loss, and if they get red and tender.