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Hello, my name is maya, I’m researching co2 medical laser and very interested in hearing your opinion about it in the medical field, I read in websites such as that surgical laser reduces significantly surgical bleeding, pain and healing time and has greater accuracy, it seems they have very portable and small instruments comparing to what is being used in the market ( can you please comment on that, if you ever used it and know the benefits and price range.


Hello! I had HPV condiloma treated with a laser two years ago. I found it to be pretty expensive. I paid 200 euros for it.

It is my fault that I didn’t ask too many questions about HPV condiloma before I agreed to do a surgery. I went to the public clinic where I was found to have condilomas. This doctor told me he had a laser at his private practice, that he could do it, because there aren’t any such lasers at the public clinics. I thought that once you get rid of the condiloma, they wouldn’t come back.
However, I was wrong. It was awful after the “surgery” because I felt burned and it was very uncomfortable, I wasn’t able to have sex for three months with my boyfriend. I had to go and see this gyno twice, so that he would remove them totally but then I heard that small condilomas are not supposed to be removed, they are usually just watched to see if they would grow and then do a surgery.
Later I found out that laser surgery is not a cure for HPV, that they can come anytime again but I got no such information from the doc who performed it.

Anyway, as for the laser, I am aware that every such procedure has it’s negative effects and that laser is much better than the scrapping technique, which I hear is not used anymore at all but I can’t say it was cool and comfortable, that it didn’t hurt afterwards and stuff like that.