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okay so im a few days late on my period and have been having alot of pregnancy symptoms: bloated, extreme hunger, tender breasts and enlargement, fatigue, nausea, getting lightheaded & foods i used to love i cant stand! also im having lack of calcium cuz my bones hurt at times idk if that could be a symptom or not.. not to mention abdominal pain but ive taken several hpt and all came back negative if indeed i am preggo i would be 3 weeks could it be too soon? or is my body not producing enough pregnancy hormones? someone please help im going crazy!


You say you'd be three weeks along if you were pregnant, but what do you mean? Pregnancy is calculated from the first day of your last menstrual period, so if you take a test on the day of your next missed period and it comes back positive, you would be four weeks along officially, but two weeks (approximately) since conception. Since you say you're a few days late, it could be you're pregnant. I am just not sure what you mean. The things you're mentioning do sound like early symptoms of being pregnant though. 

Anyway, you can safely take a home pregnancy test the day of your missed period. Since mine sometimes show up a few days late, I try to wait longer and not get my hopes up. It's up to you when you test though.