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I'm 15 yr old male. Lately I been these thoughts that I'm gay but I don't want to be gay & ik I'm no I'm not gay. I'm sexually attracted to girls & that's all, but these thoughts getting on my neveres. I don't like these gay thoughts. Can someone please help!!!!!


You don't say what thoughts you have. Sexual images and thoughts imact on our minds - that's why we should be careful what we read and watch. You have control to a certain extent on your thoughts. Just as you might have sexual thoughts about several girls doesn't make you promiscuous, and thinking about sexual intercourse doesn't take your virginity, so gay thoughts doesn't make you gay. As with unwelcome thoughts that disturbs you, turn your thoughts away from the undersirable and concentrate on the desirable. You can't stop the birds flying over your head, but you can stop them nesting in your hair.