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I've been experiencing problems for a fortnight now. It started as a mild sore throat affecting just the left side of my throat. Upon swallowing, there was also a mild pain in my left ear.

Then at the weekend, I started to get a pain in my left jaw at the back which almost feels like it is cramping. If I move my tongue a certain way or give a wide smile, I notice it more. Also at the weekend, the pain in my throat got worse and the very back left side of my tongue felt sore as well - like it had ulcers on it. The inside of my cheek and along my gum (left-side only) feel very similar.

Today, my teeth on the left side have been aching, more so along my top jaw right near my top wisdom tooth. My wisdom teeth started to come through when I was 15 (I'm now 23) but not all are fully through. The top left one, for example, only has 3 points through and looks a bit twisted and not as descended as the rest of my teeth. My asthma has also been giving me problems all this week.

On top of all of that, I've felt physically drained for weeks...

I do have a doctor's appointment on Tuesday, but wasn't sure if it should be a Dentist instead. Can a problem with a wisdom tooth cause the above?

Any advice would be very greatly appreciated!


I don't like dentist as a general rule. So i got used to my wisdom teeth raising and lowering every so often. Its not generally pleasant because all of them are sideways but this time I am feeling the way you are. Only started with my tooth moving up. This is painful and almost has the effect of strep on me. Drained, moody, ect. I just dont know where my medical insurance cards got sent and cant get the time from work right now