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I have a three month old puppy. I have heard that dogs are a lot less aggressive when they are neutered and that they are a lot easier to handle, so we are considering doing that. I was wondering if neutering a dog has any side effects? Are there any reasons not to carry out this procedure?


The dogs tend to get excited when they are aroused, which is natural. When they want to have sex, they might become little aggressive and violent. Neutering can be opted but at least let him have an offspring for once in his lifetime..let him also enjoy.


@anthonynelson There are already too many unwanted kittens and puppies. Please dont contribute because every time any domestic animal has offspring animals die! And animals live longer lives when it has no offspring...


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I vote no to neutering stanfield1716's puppy. I think it's a kind of a cruel thing to do.


I have had 2 males and 3 female dogs in my life, I'm 21.

All of them have been fixed. Shadow, a little 12 pound mixed dog, was neutered because he had something wrong with his prostate. He got very sick and when my parents took him to the vet he said that is was a very good thing we brought him in when we did because he only had two days left to live. My mother freaked and had Sam, who was a 135 pound husky/chessy mix, fixed because she didn't want that to happen to him.

Neither Sam nor Shadow had anything wrong with them after the surgery. (Sam was born in 1997) Sam lived to be 12 and we finally had to put him down in July of this year because his kidneys were failing and he had cancer on his shoulder. I miss him very much. :'( Shadow lived to be really old, but we never knew how old he actually was, he was just a very healthy little dog, with a lot of spunk to for someone of a tiny size. :-D Shadow was put down about 5 years ago because he was just old and he couldn't walk anymore. He was super cute though.

Ginny, my mom's dog, who is 3, has been spayed and she has no problems. She is a 60 pound German/Lab mix. She's all black and the sweetest dog ever.

Sadie, who is 8 and belongs to my husband and I (she was his), has been spayed with no problems. Chelsea, who is 7 months old on Friday and is also ours, was spayed in August and she's super healthy with no problems.

Also, spaying/neutering has nothing to do with how long an animal lives. I have known dogs and cats that weren't fixed who lived shorter or longer lives than animals who are and vice versa.

It's not cruel to fix an animal. Animals, unlike humans, don't have the urges to have babies. They only have those natural instincts if they are not fixed.

It's your decision. If you would like to have puppy (they are so cute and sweet!) neutered and you know that you don't want him to have puppies then fix him.

You mentioned it helps with calming and etc.

Here's a bit of advice:

We got Sam neutered at 6 months and there was no change in his behavior until 3 years old. He pulled the stairs from the basement wall, escaped from the basement, got out of kennels, got out of 2 kennels padlocked together (that was hilarious, we still don't know how he did it), he ate every windowsill in the house, he destroyed my fathers Army gear, he was into everything. He was a very high strung puppy until he was 3, then he slowly calmed down until he turned into a big love bear.

Neutering/Spaying an animal doesn't have any effect on behavior as a puppy because those hormones are not working yet. At 6 months old a male cannot father puppies. Once they hit the 10-12 month mark then those reproductive hormones start to kick in and then you have a really, excuse me for a moment, "turned on" male if there is a female in heat nearby.

So to answer your question: There are no side effects and it doesn't help with behavior at that age. :-P

We've had many dogs and I'm talking from experience and consultations from Vets.

I hope this helps. :-D


there are not any negantive side effect of neutering, unless you want a guard dog. My dog is neutered and he is very easy to handle but is still a great guard dog


Many neutered dogs are prone to weight gain due to all the hormonal changes, so you have to be careful and not overfeed the dog and give it enough exercise.
In my opinion all other possible side effects are mostly related to the surgery itself. Like any medical procedure (especially involving anesthesia), it can go wrong. But the younger the dog, the better they recover after surgery, so the main thing is to have a vet you trust and watch the animal closely so the incision doesn't get infected.


Hi, just had my little 4yr old bailey snipped and it was the worst decision of my life.

He has been in constant pain since having the surgery on the 18th july. He is extremley

swollen to the point one would think this testicles was back. We took him to a vet at our

surgery on sunday were he received a painkiller and a inflammatory injection. The vet thinks

he is leaking blood inside the empty sack causing it to swell. He also has a tempature and shakes

nonstop. We had to rush him back today as he was in so much pain he was squealing. Saw the vet

who performed the surgery and she said his body was rejecting the material they used in the stitches

to tie off blood vessels.YES i am taking bailey back again tomorrow for more pain relief and to see what is going

to be done to help him as he cant go on any longer suffering. He is not eating or drinking and i am trying

to get food and water into him but i know its not enough. I would think carefully about this operation as with anything

it has good and bad points.       

                                              KIND REGARDS


                                               AMANDA BELL



Amanda, the same thing happened to our puppy. It's been a tough ride for the last month, and he's going back to the vet today because I think he may be in pain still. That said, I think that this is rare, and shouldn't put people off neutering their dogs. Wishing Bailey all the best.