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I was addicted to codeine recently and did not realise what the symptoms where until I read through some of these discussions. I thought it just relaxed me and also gave me horrible headaches every day which made me keep taking the codeine. I had no idea that my constant tiredness, depressed, lack of motivation and feeling that I was constantly coming down with a cold were also symptoms of codeine abuse. I thought it was because I was getting older (now in late 30’s).

 I recently kicked my codeine habit and wanted to let everyone know that I don’t feel these things anymore. All the symptoms I listed above are gone and its as if I have been given new life. I even looked at myself in the mirror the other day and was pleasantly surprised with my general appearance. I looked like I had life again. I get up in the morning with a spring in my step, I thought I would never have this again.

 I must admit I never contribute to online discussions, this is my first but I made the effort this time because when I was motivating myself to kick the habit the most beneficial articles were the ones that told me about what life was like after addiction. Thinking about getting my life back and being normal again motivated me kick the habit. I kept this vision and the success stories in my mind when I was struggling with the withdrawal symptoms. I made the vision as real as possible before I started and thought about my two little boys and being able to take them the park more or getting into my gardening and arts again. I thought about the things before I made the decision to kick the habit and when I was loosing motivation. Surely enough I am at the other end and everything that I thought about has come true, I even have enough energy to start exercising again.

Finally, I think the method that u use to get there is up to you. You might decide to go cold turkey, ween your self off or work through this with your doctor using different medication. I honestly don’t think that the method matters. What matters is your motivation and drive. If that is there then you will give up. Good luck to everyone who is trying to give up, its amazing what people are capable of, just don’t doubt yourself and remember the vision or life when you are not addicted. AND, if you don’t succeed then just try to learn from where you went wrong and try to fix it for next time.


Thanks for that upbeat assessment of the other side of opiate addiction. It is a beast but its ferocity differs because of a lot of different reasons like durations, intensity and personal history. I am so glad for you that you have control over your life again. That has to feel great. I am the very end of a taper and honestly feel pretty good. Staying busy and positive (with the help of Xanax) has made a big difference. Well done. I'll be posting my personal experiences through the taper and the eventual day when I am off totally which should be in the next few days. Here's to hoping that everything works out for me as well as it did for you. If you care to share, I know the story of how it started and how it ended would help a lot of people. Best of luck!