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I am 27 years old. I had losed 2 pregnancies earlier. First in the 4th month and 2nd one in the third month. Both the fetus did not had proper growth and heartbeat did not come in the time. At last I lost the fetus.

Now I am under Ayurvedic Treatment. I am 7 week pregnant. Last day I had noticed a little light-brownish thick mucus discharge.

When I asked this to the Ayurveda Doctor .. he said it is quiet normal... But i am afraid. Kindly advise on this.

The Ayurveda Doctor has adviced not to have any Allopathy Medicine and he has given Fig Fruit as the medicine.

Is this discharge is harmfull?


I suppose the Ayurveda Doctor was right about the brown discharge. Many women experience brown/bloody discharge during their pregnancies and have normal deliveirs and normal babies in the end.

If you are concerned about the miscarriage, the bleeding is usually bright red and you may have some additional cramping along with the bright red bleeding.

I understand that you are concerned about your pregnancy due to the misfortunate events regarding your previous pregnancies. Did you try to determine what the probable causes of poor growths were? How come you decided to go with the Ayurvedic Treatment? Was it because the conventional methods failed or you know someone who had good results with this kind of treatment?
I hope everything turns out just fine for you this time. Good luck!


Dear Sanjana

I found your note on steady health website, and I need your help desperately.

I am married for 5 yrs. now and have been trying to conceive a child for 3 yrs. However, I am not yet able to do so, and the reason is that i do not ovulate regularly. I have been searching for ayurvedic doctor to do ayurvedic treatment for myself since many years. But i did not find any. Could you pls. give me the name and address of the ayurvedic doctor who did your treatment. I am willing to meet him to get myself some help.

Pls. help me , i am very very desperate for a child.

You can send me your reply at _[removed]_

Thank you