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I've had my period since I was 11, I am now 21. From the very start they have always been and remain heavy with clotting - that is up until recently. My hubby and I are TTC and at the end of April we  honestly thought I was pregnant because of what I was experiencing, but at the beginning of May AF came on time. Though, it was a very different AF then I've ever had in all the years of having one. Started off as spotting, then it was light - very light to the point where I could get away with not wearing a pad and absolutely not clotting!

However, I still took a pregnancy test *the day of the "light" flow (first day of period)* which was negative so of course we thought we were out. Well in June, I have been/felt nausea 10 times (I record it on Iperiod) at random times, dizzy spells and migraines to boot! then my period for June came, which also was super light, maybe a toonie size ended up on my pad the entire 3-4 days and was mostly pea size clots in toilet (where as I normally have dime-quarter size). And now this month, still nausea, headaches, food aversion and 3 weeks before my expected AF my nipples, my lord! So so tender and sore, felt like they were being smothered or very hot. And it wasn't my boobs just my nipples! I also am completely constipated. 

Whats bothering me is, none if this is normal for me. I could understand if this stuff happened around PMS time, but its throughout the month. I thought about maybe my period is just changing as it can, but its so so very light I dont understand. I know women can experience breakthrough  bleeding while being pregnant and mistake it for their period and I'm worried that might be the case.

Has anyone ever experienced this? Is this normal? Is it worth taking a HPT? or am I just going crazy.

Abnormal "symptom" list :
VERY sore nipples
Light periods
Extremely moody
Crying spouts over the littlest things
Random weird bursts of energy especially during late at night
Extremely turned on ( I normally only get super turned on around ovulation, lately it has been a few days before my expected period ) 

Thanks in advance!


If you take your birth-control pill properly, you shouldn't need to worry about an unexpected pregnancy (though it is known to happen on occasion). To make sure that you are fully protected, you and your partner should also be using condoms as well which you can get  free and any sexual health clinic in your area. As for making your period come early, that is not possible you have to just wait it out. When your period does come and you still are worried about being pregnant you can either buy a home pregnancy test or, as I said previous, go to a sexual health clinic near you and get tested for free.


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