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OK so I thought on Monday that AF was coming.. had cramping was pretty sure.. also had some dark clotting (not much) and the rest of the week nothing... just light brown when wiping. now my cramping is gone... and its like i just have an aching.. i havent tested since tuesday since i thought I was getting AF.. I am now 15dpo (3 days late) and still with very light brown spotting.. My temps are also over a degree over my coverline still.

Is it possible I may be PG? Even with a small amount of clotting?


Hi, I was just wondering what happened with your situation? I have the same thing going on. Just light brown discharge for about 5 days, in the beginning some dark brown clots, I was afraid I miscarried. Had a blood test late yesterday, and wont' find out till tomorrow if I'm pregnant. I'm concerned about possible miscarriage. Would appreciate any feedback!